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Introduction of "Cohesive" Silicon Gel Implant for women

One of the most important and exciting developments in breast implant technology over the past ten years has been the introduction of the cohesive silicone gel implant.  This implant uses special engineering of the silicone gel molecules to create a “gummy bear” type effect.  This allows for a very natural implant shape that provides an excellent option for women seeking enhancement for the first time or those desiring replacement of older implants. This cohesive gel device is also very effective for women who are needing breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Dr. Lettieri is one of only a few surgeons in the country and the only surgeon in the state of South Carolina that is able to use both the Inamed style 410 silicone gel implant and the Mentor CPG device as well.  He has been using the cohesive gel devices now for several years and he and his patients have been very pleased with the advantages of these implants provide.  See before and after photos.

Reintroduction of Standard Silicon Gel Implant for women

Another very important development in the past year has been the reintroduction of the standard silicone gel implant for use by women seeking breast enhancement.  These implants along with the saline filled devices provide Dr. Lettieri with a great number of options that he may offer patients seeking a variety of implant related breast surgeries.  Dr. Lettieri is seeing an increasingly large number of women who are ready to replace their old implants. Many of these women have had silicone implants in the past and may now be concerned about the possibility of implant disruption or may have developed thickening of the capsule lining causing undesirable firmness. Over the past 15 years many patients have had saline implants used for augmentation but would now prefer to consider the many options that Dr. Lettieri can offer to replace saline implants with one of the new silicone gel devices.

For those women seeking breast implant surgery Dr. Lettieri considers it very important to personally review the many new options now available for implant use.  Information provided on this website will help patients develop an initial familiarity with the varies choices and can serve as the basis for further discussion when they meet with Dr. Lettieri personally for an initial consultation. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Preventive Mastectomies

There are a significant number of women who are being determined to have higher than average risk for breast cancer. Some of these women have a strong family history of breast cancer and others have had positive genetic testing revealing the likelihood of breast cancer in the future. Other women have very severe fibrocystic breast disease with precancerous characteristics making them at much higher risk for breast cancer.  For these groups of women an increasingly common option for greatly reducing or eliminating their risk of breast cancer is that of the preventive mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. This procedure can often be done on an out-patient basis and involves the removal of the majority of breast tissue and immediate first stage reconstruction using temporary breast expanders. These expanders are used to provide the place for eventual placement of permanent breast implants.  Dr. Lettieri is one of the very few surgeons in the country who is able to offer these women the new “cohesive silicone gel implant”. He is the only surgeon in South Carolina who can utilize both the Inamed style 410 cohesive gel devices as well as the Mentor CPG device.  These implants have also provided a very distinct for advantage for post mastectomy reconstruction patients including those having preventive mastectomy. These patients are usually referred by their surgeon who may have preformed initial biopsies or by their gynecologist or family physicians who have provided initial counseling regarding breast cancer risk.

Another group of women suffer from severe painful fibrocystic breast disease and may have failed every other effort to treat or control their symptoms. These women are sometimes eligible for a technique referred to as subcutaneous mastectomies which allows for removal of the majority of the diseased breast tissue and immediate reconstruction in a similar fashion as described in the preceding paragraph. It is also common that these patients are referred by their surgeon or gynecologist after efforts have been made to treat their condition conservatively. 

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