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Allergan has set the pace for the aesthetics industry for over 25 years.  The safety and effectiveness of Allergan's devices for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction is supported by extensive preclinical testing, U.S. clinical studies, a European rupture prevalence study, peer-reviewed literature and 25 years of real-world experience in more than 60 countries. Learn the facts about the safety of silicone.

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When it comes to breast implants, finding the right surgeon is key to finding just the right fit. Because while there are many surgeons in your area who are qualified to perform breast implant surgery, you want to find the one that's experienced and equipped to give you the best results possible with Natrelle™ breast implants. Dr. Lettieri is one a few plastic surgeons that has been selected to participate in the breast implant study from Allergan - Natrelle™ .


As with any surgical procedure, it is imperative to choose a surgeon who is not only qualified to perform your surgery – but one who is highly skilled and who has much experience in that procedure.  Dr. Lettieri is a double board certified plastic surgeon who  has performed hundreds of  breast reconstruction surgeries, using his specialized techniques, and he performs them regularly. He understands that helping his patients achieve their realistic goals - not only improves/enhances their physical appearance – but boosts their self-esteem, self-confidence and overall emotional well-being also.
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Dr. Lettieri is an expert in all surgeries of the breast –
and he creates beautiful breasts.

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