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Types of Breast Implants

Dr. Lettieri has had great experience in the area of cosmetic and reconstructive breast implant surgery. His research in the area has been presented at several regional and national meetings and been published in major medical journals. This interest has involved participation in virtually all available breast implant programs which has allowed for his patients to have many choices in their selection of breast implants for cosmetic and reconstructive needs.

Silicone Implants

Dr. Lettieri is able to offer several types of silicone gel breast implants including:

  1. Anatomic Cohesive Gel devices: This category of implant is available only through a very limited number of plastic surgeons nation wide.  Dr. Lettieri has been fortunate to be among the first few surgeons in the country to use these devices.  He has access to both the Allergan Inamed style 410 cohesive gel device and the Mentor CPG contour profile device.  These implants are very versatile being available for patients seeking first time breast augmentation and those increasing large number of women who desire to have their current implants replaced with newer “high tech” cohesive gel implants.  Among breast reconstruction patients these implants have a tremendous benefit because of the natural shape, soft feel and excellent durability.
  2. Standard Silicone Gel filled implants that have become widely available for breast augmentation patients.

Saline Implants

Saline filled breast implants also serve a very important role in breast implant surgery in his practice. He is able to offer this to all of his cosmetic patients if they are not able or choose to do Silicone implants.

Dr. Lettieri  feels that it is very important for him to personally review the options available to each breast implant patient so that the type of implant, shape, and size can be customized to there unique needs. 


As with any surgical procedure, it is imperative to choose a surgeon who is not only qualified to perform your surgery – but one who is highly skilled and who has much experience in that procedure.  Dr. Lettieri is a double board certified plastic surgeon who  has performed hundreds of  breast reconstruction surgeries, using his specialized techniques, and he performs them regularly. He understands that helping his patients achieve their realistic goals - not only improves/enhances their physical appearance – but boosts their self-esteem, self-confidence and overall emotional well-being also.
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Dr. Lettieri is an expert in all surgeries of the breast –
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