Dr. Lettieri is well known for his skill in surgery of the breast, and is one of very few surgeons in the southeast that have been selected to work with the Contour Profile Gel Breast Implant (CPG) and the 410. Click here for more information.

Breast Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic and Reconstructive

There’s no doubt that the most feminine of a woman’s attributes are her breasts – and more and more women, of all ages today, are seeking their best options for firm, fabulous, beautiful breasts.

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Breast surgery today is as diverse in procedures and outcomes as women are in their appearance. Surgeries range from reducing large breasts and enhancing small breasts to lifting sagging breasts or restoring breasts lost to disease or trauma.  Even though not all women define themselves by the breasts they were born with - many others do and they come to Dr. Lettieri because they are unhappy with the size, shape or position of their breasts.  Others choose to have reconstructive surgery because they need it. But, breast surgery involves more than just a physical change – it is also highly emotional and dramatically fulfilling to most women.  The goal in any breast surgery is to achieve a natural looking, proportional, balanced outcome.  This requires knowledge, skill and expertise.

 Dr. Lettieri is an expert in all surgeries of the breast and is well known for his skill in creating beautiful breasts.

BREAST AUGMENTATION Dr. Lettieri employs varying implant shapes and sizes to enhance the overall width, projection and shape of a breast – and often helps to improve cleavage.

REVISIONAL SURGERY:  Dr. Lettieri performs revisional breast surgeries to correct – improve - enhance the following:  previous breast augmentation, previous breast reconstruction and capsular contracture.

BREAST RECONSTRUCTION:  Dr. Lettieri performs the following:  prophylactic mastectomy and immediate reconstruction.  

BREAST REDUCTION:  Dr. Lettieri performs the following: breast reduction surgery.  

Dr. Lettieri is the only surgeon in South Carolina who can offer his patients the Allergan Inamed style 410 cohesive gel implant and one of a select few that can offer the Mentor CPG cohesive gel. In addition to achieving a natural shape and feel - these implants are more durable, longer lasting and offer a very distinct advantage to post mastectomy reconstruction patients and to those having preventive mastectomy. These implants can be used for Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction and Breast Revision Surgery. These are a great option for women who love the look and feel of silicone and who need to replace their old silicone implants. These implants are the most advanced devices on the market today.
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It is important to know that the surgeon you choose is well educated and experienced in the procedure you are considering.  Board Certification speaks volumes because that surgeon has met the rigorous standards of the board(s) to achieve the highest level of training and expertise possible in a specialized area. To be certified by one board is remarkable – to be certified by two boards - means that surgeon has several more years of surgical training and experience than single or non-board certified surgeons. Dr. John T. Lettieri is a double board certified plastic surgeon who is known for his expertise and perfected skill in cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction.  With his extra years of surgical and procedural training and well over two decades of experience, he is in a special league among surgeons who are exceptionally well credentialed, specially trained, progressive, and on the cutting edge of their profession.   He is trusted - highly esteemed and well qualified – as a true expert.

This web site was created to educate you about the most advanced - reliable breast procedure options available today.  As you peruse – you will learn about each procedure and what’s involved.  As you review the before and after photos of some of Dr. Lettieri’s own patients (photos used with their permission) the wonderful, beautiful results will become clearly visible.  We look forward to meeting you soon and helping you achieve your goals with beautiful outcomes!

Dr. Lettieri is also highly skilled and expert in other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Lettieri was one of the first surgeons in the United States to use lasers extensively in cosmetic facial surgery.  Please visit our cosmetic plastic surgery website for information on other procedures. www.jtlplasticsurgery.com

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